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  Emirates Hills Villa Under Construction golf views Property Ref:   
  Emirates Hills Villa Under Construction golf views
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Emirates Hills Villa Under Construction golf views
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4 bedroom Emirates hills golf course villa offered for sale located in the prestigeous V sector due for completion at the end of 2010, v sector is considered very exclusive within the development and offers great views of the fairways.
Emirates Hills Considered by many Emirates Hills offers the preferred and most desirable villas to be purchased in all of Dubai. We offer the most exclusive villas money can buy from built up areas from 8,0000 sq ft up to 43,0000 sq ft all located in this premium development of Emirates Hills
The location of Emirates Hills has always been key to its success located near to the Sheikh Zayed road giving great access to the commercial areas of Dubai for residents.
Split into sectors the development has very high end luxury villas located around the Montgomery golf course, the villas in the centre of the golf course offer the most exclusive plots with villas often in the 6-7 bedroom range and covering up to 37,000 built up area and price ranging in excess of 40m aed in some cases, villas with full golf course and lake views are the most sought after.

Most villas on Emirates hills were privately built so often villas are bespoke to the property owner which further enhances the appeal.

Emirates hills is the luxury development located in Dubai named after the famous Beverley Hills of the USA, Emirates Hills is located in the Emaar developed area of Dubai called Emirates Living located near to the Sheikh Zayed Road and surrounding the Emirates hills and Montgomery Golf course.

The original concept was established by premier Dubai property developer Emaar properties LLC for a luxury area offering the ultimate in palatial residences and to this day still stands out as the place to live in Dubai.
Emirates Hills as of today comprises approximately 610 villas ranging from 4 bedroom 8,000 sq feet of living space up to 8 bedrooms with up to 60,000 sq feet of living space, the villas are located within 10 sectors of Emirates Hills offering different sizes of villa per sector and varying different levels of views over the golf courses and lakes.

H Sector - The first sector to be delivered by Emaar was the H sector often referred to as street 1 which comprises 60 villas predominantly the smaller villas approximately 10,000 sq feet, being the first to be built the H sector is virtually complete with no villas awaiting construction and landscaping finished only villas on the southern part of H sector afford golf course views.

R Sector The second phase of Emaar Emirates Hills development referred to as street 2 comprising 70 villas with around 80% of villas being complete with a few plots remaining with building work not commenced, the R sector affords views of the golf course of both north and south sides of the roads and is exceptionally popular due its advanced landscaping and this was the site of the Emaar show home so is very well landscaped.

HT sector referred to as street 4 is surrounded by golf course or lake so offering affordable views, villas are considered to be in the mid size in this section being an early staged construction of Emirates Hills villas and landscaping is complete with certain owners having undertaken refurbishment or redesign of villas in this area.

L Sector is considered to be the most prestigious area within Emirates Hills mainly due to being a central island within the golf courses so affording panoramic views of the golf course and Emirates Hills. It comprises 52 villas and plots and also L sector offers the largest plots on the development with 40-50,000 plots being the norm. Approximately 30% of villas are under construction with a few plots still remaining to be constructed, villas in this sector are valued in excess of 40m aed due to the nature of the size and views afforded.

V sector reached via E sector comprises 26 villas with approximately 30% still under construction and is considered to be very desirable due to the views afforded and the size of the plots, whilst not as large as L sector they are still considerable and unobstructed views of the golf course or lakes.

S Sector comprises 6 villas and plots, this ultra exclusive cul de sac is completely surrounded by the golf course, villas are owned by the wealthy and are not considered to be on the market.

P sector comprises 108 villas with over 90% of villas complete and affords golf or lake views, it is considered by many to be one of the nicest sectors of Emirates Hills with designs being proportionate, the areas is extensively landscaped.

W Sector is one of the later developments of Emirates Hills comprising 41 villas and plots, most villas are centred around a manmade lake and villas in this area are a typical 18,000 sq ft built up with 90 % complete with a few plots remaining.

J sector is the last sector at the time of writing comprising 13 villas around 60% complete with manmade lake views, some large villas in the 20,000 to 22,000 sq feet are being built in this area, a lot of construction has been delayed due to the crash of the market so villas remain partially built.
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